The Sound of Music!

[ David, Dec. 2009, 3 years old ]

Lately [and by lately I mean months, and months, and months, and...well you get the picture], David has been singing Opera.  His whole life is in Opera style right now. 
If he needs to brush his teeth.
It's act one of the morning Opera!
Take a bath?
Closing act..."BAAATTHH TIMMMEEE!!!!" 
Do homework? 
Okay maybe he doesn't sing then, he just grumbles like an old man.

And as much as it can get on my ever loving nerves, a part of me is so thankful that he does it!  Even at 6am!

Christmas Season 2009. 
This year will forever stand out to me.  Now I adore Christmas.  It's my favorite holiday, so every year is stands out.  However this one?  This one is when everything changed. 
David sang for the first time! 

Now I know what you are thinking.  Okay, kids sing, so what made this one special? 
It was special because honestly, I never thought he'd sing.  I never even thought he's really talk, let alone make music!]
On the language front, another sign that I notice was David's lack of language development. 

Around 6 months or so he did say mama.  I was happy!  He said it a few times and of course we always prompted ;)  Around 9 months, he stopped saying mama, and added no other words.  I talked to him, I named things, pointed things out, read to him.  But nothing. 
He turned a year and still wasn't speaking.  He made sounds.  But nothing recognizable.  When I would express my concern I would just get the ole' "Oh he's a boy, they just develop latter.  Don't worry about it."

I tried to follow that, but I knew.  I just knew!  Something wasn't right.  He didn't even point like most typically developing children would, for something he wanted. 
He would get so frustrated instead and I had no idea what he wanted.  I would show him different things, saying their names, until I finally found what he wanted or needed.

The months rolled on and he picked up a few words here and there.  Juice, eat, out.  But nothing more.  Not even the beginning simple 2 word sentences by 2 years old. 
He becoming increasingly frustrated himself and would act out aggressively.  Finally at 2.5 years old after getting no where in expressing my concerns a friend and teacher told me about Early Steps.  A free program that helps children under the age of three with developmental delays.

It was a God send.  They came to us!  Came to our house, did all the assessments, worked with him for several months and at last he was officially labeled as developmentally delayed in language and social/emotional.  
It was through Early Steps that he began attending a special needs school, where he is back at currently [Our Children's Academy in Lake Wales]. 
He began school in August 2009. 
Going in with about 30 words, I wasn't hopeful he'd talk honestly.  AND, it was so hard to "let him go". 
I was that helicopter parent back then and it took me a long time to finally step back and let him grow. 
He began to flourish!  More and more words came, even simple 2 or 3 word sentences, with in the first few months.  I was amazed, humbled, and thankful!  To hear him say "mommy love you", "daddy play".  Wow!  Amazing.

I still have never heard him sing though.  We played lots of music at home and I know they did at school too [and in all honesty, he probably sang some at school!].  But I didn't know.
So here comes Christmas.  I remember my mom was sitting on the sofa with him singing Jingle Bells.
And what did I hear?
David singing for the first time!!! 
That was the best version of Jingle Bells I had ever heard!

Now, he sings a lot.  He's truly his mother's son because he does love Christmas music too.  I love to hear him sing Christmas carols.  He's become more and more fond of them since that time. 
Not only that, he loves to listen to music.  He's developed a taste for classical styles [again like his mom].
He loves to learn about instruments! 

The sound of music.  That's what fills our house now.  That's what fills my heart!  The sound of music from a child who continues to amaze me with something new everyday! 


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