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Okay, so it can be baby steps and I really do rejoice when I've had a good day!

I give such major props and kudos to my husband because he can actually be the calm one, telling me to pick my battles, to stay calm, to follow through.

Of course I admit that there are times I'm exhausted, I have so much to do, that it's easier to just not follow through, or give in.

And I admit, that I tend to be an over-reacting or short tempered person.

Lately I've been watching some old Nanny 911/Supernanny episodes.
Much of it can be common sense, but sometimes it clicks or reminds you/me that it's still a journey and to keep going.

Today, I employed some characteristics and strategies that I've learned, that I've had, that I know..

Staying calm
not raising my voice
follow through
And it was a much more peaceful day. 
Was there still some negative behavior?  Of course!  Was it escalated or aggravated because of how I acted?  No! 
We had a good day of playing outside, of doing homewor…