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Making the season last! There is no right way.


Remembering "9-11" through the eyes of a child and the lessons it teaches.

I've always been open with my children.  It's the way I was raised and I think it is a good thing to pass on.  Admittedly though today was on of those days where I was taken aback and for a fleeting moment, wished that I my children never had to know such hate in the world.

As most know because of news outlets, social media, conversation, and personal memories, it was the anniversary of '9-11'.  Indeed a heart wrenching day in history that still lingers.  It is a day that honestly I had not discussed with my children, as it has never come up to prompt discussion around them.
Today was the day that all changed.  As we pulled out of the YMCA parking lot, Aaron began telling me that tale as if I had never heard it.  I silently listened as he recounted the fateful day of 2 planes hitting two buildings called the Twin Towers "because they looked alike".  How people on the top floors did not make it out and how many died.  Followed by 'We shouldn't make fun o…

I am not fair and I do deprive my children.

I am positive that my children feel this way often.  I am neither fair to them nor give them the things they "need".  I've heard it through their lamenting [aka: crying], through their loud voices [aka: yelling], through interpretive displays [aka: tantrums].  And their questions do not get the answers they deserve [aka: want to hear].  

I had one such encounter this past Sunday with my son David.  He came to me with a heavy sigh and the famous "Mom, I'm bored."  cry.  

The next thing I knew I was channeling my mother and I heard the words come out of my mouth, "Go read a book then."
I heard those words many times as a child.  As a side note, it stuck.  My love for reading grew.  I found my boredom would disappear as I entered worlds unexplored!  My mom took me several times monthly to our local public library.  I grew up loving it there.  Of course when you are young you don't really see the depth of it all.  Now looking back that was something …

Cook without measuring!

It's been three months since I've begun changing my eating lifestyle habits once and for all!  The only thing that I have ever found that has worked is the low carb method.  However, it can be too limiting. 
Now I don't really fit into any category other than enjoying life while I still eat deliciously!
The basics of it?  Sugar, wheat, and processed carb free.
And it works!  In three months I've lost about 22 lbs and 1 dress size.  I have more energy [most of the time when the Fibromyalgia doesn't flare up], less stress on joints and I feel full!

So when I changed over, I knew my sweet tooth and my love of sinfully delicious food would not just disappear.  So I began to explore options that could be healthier.  And sometimes not so healthy.  I do use some sugar free items.  But I also love some stevia and monk fruit sweetener as well!

First, I adore bread!    And found that the sprouted grain line of breads did wonderful for me without having the carb impact that nor…

Trading in Stark Reality glasses for a Rose Colored pair!

Lately, I have been looking at life with stark reality glasses.  Some days are like a beautiful painting.  Many details, brilliant colors, picturesque moments.  I treasure those, wishing I could capture that memory on a canvas to remind myself.  Remind myself of happy moments when the bleak moments come. 

And there in is the stark reality viewing.  Not just one thing, but a multitude of thoughts, actions, moments, situations where I have neither the answers nor the strength.

I am finding that parenting is becoming increasingly difficult, heartbreaking, and frustrating.  I have slowly begun to understand [since the births of our sons], how deep and unconditional this love is.  How there are not words, no paintings, nothing on this earth to describe what it is like to love your own child(ren).  Until you experience it.

Stark reality.  When you're pregnant no one really tells you how much parenting can really drain everything you have emotionally, physically, spiritually.  They may tell…