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"Little school home!"

I hear that phrase daily from David!  "Mom, stay home right now and let's do little school home!"  David, my more introverted, somewhat of a loner, happy to be just him and around me.   My son, the less adapatable one.  Takes him quite awhile to adjust to many things.  Change is not his friend.  He is a creature of habit, of routine.  All on his own he's like this.  As a general rule, I let my children find their own schedules and adapt to that.  Early on I could tell that David thrived on routine.   He didn't tolerate change to well.  He preferred to be one on one or a small group.

Aaron, my outgoing people person, is totally the opposite.  He can't stand being alone, is quite adaptable and goes with the flow when it comes to change.  I found this out early with him!

Aaron is totally "public school" material.   I worry less about him in that respect.  But David, oh David.  The desire of my heart has always been to stay at home with my children and ho…