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School is in session: For the summer!

I admit it!  I am getting excited about working on academic centered activities with my boys this summer!  I'm looking forward to a somewhat structured day with room for fun!

I have had a blast this year working at JHW elementary and working with a great kindergarten team [not to mention just a great JHW team in general!].  And now I get to do more of the "fun stuff" this summer.  I guess it's true.  What my mom has told me all along:  teaching is in my blood :) 

I've been working on summer lesson plans to keep us busy for 10 weeks and to continue opening up a wonderful world for my sons.  Listed below is what I have so far.  Not complete and always open for suggestions and input :)

Here we go!

Language Arts:
[Aaron]: Letter recognition [which he's pretty well got down], writing all letters, writing his name with out tracing, proper use of a book, proper terminology, beginning phonics

[David]: Easy reader books, vocabulary, writing, sight words, phonics

What I did not know.....What I've come to learn.

What I did not know before I had children.

I did not realize that there was a whole big beautiful world filled with the most wondrous creations, all in my own back yard.   
I never knew that a child's tears could drive me to tears of my own.
I did not realize that I would switch places with someone  until my own infant laid helpless while paramedics worked with him. 
I never knew that my own living room could really be a magnificent castle filled with laughter and magic.
I did not realize that the words "I love you" would mean the world to me when I feel like I failed as a parent.
I never knew the capacity to forgive until my own child wrapped his arms around me and I could never imagine much that he could do for me to send him away.
I did not realize how I was seeing the world, people, even love through jaded judgmental eyes.

What I came to learn when I became a mother.

I came to learn that a blade of grass was so intriguing and could be used as anything from a sword to a magic …