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I am not fair and I do deprive my children.

I am positive that my children feel this way often.  I am neither fair to them nor give them the things they "need".  I've heard it through their lamenting [aka: crying], through their loud voices [aka: yelling], through interpretive displays [aka: tantrums].  And their questions do not get the answers they deserve [aka: want to hear].  

I had one such encounter this past Sunday with my son David.  He came to me with a heavy sigh and the famous "Mom, I'm bored."  cry.  

The next thing I knew I was channeling my mother and I heard the words come out of my mouth, "Go read a book then."
I heard those words many times as a child.  As a side note, it stuck.  My love for reading grew.  I found my boredom would disappear as I entered worlds unexplored!  My mom took me several times monthly to our local public library.  I grew up loving it there.  Of course when you are young you don't really see the depth of it all.  Now looking back that was something …