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Open letter to the man who told I wasn't perfect enough to date.....

I get it.  
I really do.
We all have preferences.  We all need that chemistry or spark.

However there is a difference between having a preference and having a cruel outlook and saying things that do not build others up.
I realize not everyone looks at it that way or has the same outlook.
Yet treating others with just a bit of kindness should be common place. 
There shouldn't be excuses made or even things said like "that's a man for you'.
Why?  Because all men (thankfully) are not the same.

But why does it seem that we may receive 100 compliments, yet can't shake the sadness and hurt from just one negative energy?
Now before you say it, let me do it.
Yes, I know it's within myself to not let what others say about me, hurt or damage my soul.

Let's be real though.  Hurtful words and actions/in-actions of others DO affect us.  It's not that there is blame to place, however while I maybe should not dwell on the hurt, the other person needs to understand ownership of…