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The journey we walk.

I find myself on a roller coaster many times.  There are times when it's downhill, in a great way.  The days are tackled, everything under control.  A feeling of "I CAN do this."

And then there are the uphill climbs.  Chugging along, jerking upward, a feeling that the crest of hill will never come.  That is this weekend.

Only in the last couple of months have I really realized and accepted that David has special needs more than what I ever imagined in the beginning, and they will never "go away" or "be cured".   I have learned so much about approaches to guide him in life.  I have watched him grow and flourish and seen his brain expand like a sponge with knowledge that reaches far beyond his years.  I have seen him go from barely saying 30 words to talking on an almost adult level.

I've also seen him struggle more and more as he grows.  4 years ago I knew something was up.  And when I learned he had a speech/developmental delay I jumped in ready to …