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Mom, what does a bomb do?

This question reverberated through my very being yesterday as I drove David and I to Downtown Disney. 
"Mom, what does a bomb do?"

The cold stark realization hit me that my child is growing up.  He'll be a  young man in not too many years from now.  Why does innocence have to flee so quickly.  And how do I answer that?  The thought of sharing any information on it with David hurt me.  I feel like it's the beginning of slow dismantle of innocent times of childhood that will never be recaptured.

"Well, they go off and hurt lots of buildings and people."

He takes a silent thoughtful moment.  His little brain is always working.  "What do bombs look like?"

"Hmmm..."  I really hate this conversation.  I suddenly want to be anywhere but there in the car having that conversation.  I don't really want him to know.  I hate the hurt in the world.  I hate war.  I hate that people have to die because someone else thinks they are right.  "Well, …

I'm not afraid to say it! ....."Advice" for new parents!

I am so excited for my many friends that have recently or will become parents!  Either for the first time or once again!  The addition of a child to a family is an amazing thing, bringing many mixed emotions that you never thought you could feel!  It's a love unexplainable and incomparable until it parenthood is experienced personally. 

Over 6.5 years ago, I was blessed to be able to experience this journey, and then again almost 5 years ago.  With it came advice, and lots of it!  Lots, and lots, and lots....and lots...of it!  So I figured why not give my own ;)

The one thing I've learned about being a parent is that the journey is ever changing.  And thus, this is where my own advice stems from. 

1.) There are no medals in childbirth!  It's true!  There are no medals at the end of it, but a new life instead! You birth how you want!  Don't let anyone make you feel inferior no matter what choice you make!  YOU ARE NOT A BAD matter what you choose!  From hospital…