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News this week in parenting......I sucked at it!

This past week has been sad, tough, tear producing, and failure.  Eric's grandmother, on his mother's side, passed from this life.  She was a beautiful lady who from day 1, like Eric's mom loved and accepted me.  That was sad.  Eric flew to Ohio to be with family from Sunday to Wednesday. 

I understand that this week has been a set of variables that have made up my week.  And I realize that some things were in my control and some where not.  It seemed from the moment Eric left the boys become off kilter.  David had more meltdowns than he has had in a long time.  A lot of stemming, a lot of noises, not connecting action A with action or consequence B.  Aaron was Aaron, all of 4 spunky years old.  Lots of "NO!"  Lots of tantrums, lots of stubbornness.  There was virtually no break in behavior.

IN short, this week was about more than I could handle.  There were tears in my own eyes a few times.  I love my children dearly, more than anything.  But sometimes, I don'…