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What's so bad about living in harmony with your fellow human being?

The older I get the more I despise presidential election years.  Not so much because of one particular political party.  But mostly because it tends to bring out the negativity in many of us.  And in today's time with multi-media and social networking at an all time high, we get instant messages on our Twitter feeds, Facebook news feeds, forwarded emails, etc about it all.  And sadly many of the messages are negative and meant to tear down the opponent or opposite view.  Or it stereotypes a group of people into one category.  Not that having opposing views is bad, but I think it's the way we approach it all.

It's one thing to have a certain view and perhaps post intelligently with FACTUAL information that supports one's view, NOT tear down another's view.  It is in the time of election years that I see what I term "tin foil hat" theories emerge, youtube videos posted, quick snippets in feeds that are based on hoax information.

I used to love to debate, bu…