What's so bad about living in harmony with your fellow human being?

The older I get the more I despise presidential election years.  Not so much because of one particular political party.  But mostly because it tends to bring out the negativity in many of us.  And in today's time with multi-media and social networking at an all time high, we get instant messages on our Twitter feeds, Facebook news feeds, forwarded emails, etc about it all.  And sadly many of the messages are negative and meant to tear down the opponent or opposite view.  Or it stereotypes a group of people into one category.  Not that having opposing views is bad, but I think it's the way we approach it all.

It's one thing to have a certain view and perhaps post intelligently with FACTUAL information that supports one's view, NOT tear down another's view.  It is in the time of election years that I see what I term "tin foil hat" theories emerge, youtube videos posted, quick snippets in feeds that are based on hoax information.

I used to love to debate, but as the years roll on, especially in the last year or so I find that I don't enjoy it at all anymore.  I find that I'm much more open to reading/hearing and perhaps realizing that another point of view is quite good...but only if, again, FACTUAL information is given that builds up that view or theory.  And does not degrade, tear down, stereotype or push a particular belief as the "only right way."

Not too long ago I was having a discussion with someone, and as I've stated many times to others, I just wish that human kind could live in harmony dispite our differences religiously, politically, ethnically and so on.  The person just rolled their eyes at me.  I stopped talking there and went inside myself as I so often do.  It bothered me.  I admit it.  The eye rolling, the thoughts of "what a crazy notion".  I don't get why anyone would not want to live peacefully. 

I wanted to say that living in peace together doesn't mean you have to agree to all points in politics, religion or whatever.  It just means you respect your fellow human enough to not let create barriers and feel the need to tell them they are wrong all the time.

To be completely honest, I have seen many statuses and increasingly so lately about how people on welfare are lazy, or don't work, or we all drive nice cars, have nice nails, nice purses, nice clothes and so on and so forth.  Or I've seen statuses that proclaim if you don't believe in X,Y,Z you are not a true American or Patriot.  I've seen racially charged statuses/pictures.  I've seen hurtful statuses towards same-sex couples.  And the list goes on.

I realize that these are all touchy subjects, I'm not debating that.  What I AM saying is that there is no need to be hurtful.  There is no need to stereotype.  There is no need to be hateful towards anyone to try to convey what "you" believe in.

Yes!  I am particularly sensitive about the "welfare" posts because it generalizes everyone.  And then when I ask someone about it and share my own story I get the same line "oh I didn't mean you."   That's what EVERYONE that I have ever said something too has said to me.  My question is, then WHY post it?  "You" don't know everyone who receives assistance.   And yes, there ARE some who abuse it just like anything else.  BUT there are a greater number like myself, who have in the past, utilized it despite 2 people working in the home.  I also don't like to see the rich pigeon holed by the same token.  Yes there will always be greedy rich people.  BUT there are also "rich" people who are generous to a fault!  Who truly help out.  NO ONE should be stereotyped. 

On another note it doesn't make me less American or patriotic because I believe something different about politics as "you".    Nor does it make you less American to me either. 

As far as the whole same-sex/religious issue.  Everyone, believer in Christianity or not, has the right to choose and believe whatever they want.  It is "your" right to believe it is wrong.  But it is NOT okay to spread to hate.  By the same token, it's not okay to spread hate about those who choose to believe it's wrong either.  Now let me clarify.  If one chooses to beleive it is wrong, I do NOT believe they should shove their beliefs down anyone's throat. 

For me personally, and I know I may be confessing something that may cause me some friends and/or respect but I am fine with that.   I have NO ISSUE with same-sex couples.  I have many friends who are homosexual and many are in long term relationships or marriage [if they lived in a state that allows it.]  I am also pro-marriage equality.  What happens behind bedroom doors between two consenting adults does NOT affect myself or my marriage.  And I believe every human being has the right to make their own choices [whether I agree or not.]  Okay that was a tangent.

But my bottom line thought again is, why all the negativity.  WHY is it so wrong to wish we truly could all live in harmony in a sort of "utopian" society?   I realize it will never happen, but I am allowed to wish, just like the person I was talking to has the right to believe I don't have the "right" view. 

It again boils down to all the negativity.  I just don't want to be a par of that in my life anymore.  I want to live positively.  Showing love and shining my light with more example and less words [although this post is quite wordy ;) ]  If factual, intelligent, non-negative information is posted about any issue, I will read it.  However I have decided that I will probably hide people in my social media page that continuously post negative, racist or stereotypical propaganda.  Don't get me wrong again, they have a right to post that!  And I have the right to not read, just like others have the right to not read my stuff and disagree. 

BUT again, I CAN choose my attitude in life and I choose healthy, positive, loving and caring light to shine. 


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