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Dear parents of my students, I need you to know that...

You are not alone.
That is the first thing I want you to know.  It is not meant in the cliche "I understand what you're going through" thought.  Rather it truly is myself telling you, you are not alone through this journey. 
I know it may feel like it now, in the beginning.   

But I am here.  I'm more than your child's teacher.  For the 8 hours a day that they are in my care, I want you to know that I protect them, I love them, I guide & direct them, I laugh with them, I even want to shed tears with them when they face difficulties.
I am here, with them, and you [in spirit], as they accomplish a milestone [not matter how large or small].  Myself, my assistants, the therapists in my class, we all smile, clap, cheer when your child makes a leap in their growth, grasping a new concept, skill, or thought!

I saw the uncertainty the first time you met me, came into my room, brought your child.  Full of questions, wondering if maybe this was the best thing, wondering h…