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Remembering "9-11" through the eyes of a child and the lessons it teaches.

I've always been open with my children.  It's the way I was raised and I think it is a good thing to pass on.  Admittedly though today was on of those days where I was taken aback and for a fleeting moment, wished that I my children never had to know such hate in the world.

As most know because of news outlets, social media, conversation, and personal memories, it was the anniversary of '9-11'.  Indeed a heart wrenching day in history that still lingers.  It is a day that honestly I had not discussed with my children, as it has never come up to prompt discussion around them.
Today was the day that all changed.  As we pulled out of the YMCA parking lot, Aaron began telling me that tale as if I had never heard it.  I silently listened as he recounted the fateful day of 2 planes hitting two buildings called the Twin Towers "because they looked alike".  How people on the top floors did not make it out and how many died.  Followed by 'We shouldn't make fun o…