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She was using food stamps! Why doesn't she work? Those are MY tax dollars!

I will never forget it.
I was judging!!!

I watched as she absently scanned 2 lunchables, a carton of Capri-Sun, some individual applesauce pouches, a single serving of some soda product and a pack of mixed nuts. ( do you KNOW how expensive those are?? and how processed those lunchables are anyway??)
Come on, wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to make a couple of sandwiches, have some reusable cups and portion containers and get virtually the same meal?  
Her children were a little disheveled and good god I don't think she ever brushes their hair.
They were also not under control but arguing back and forth.
To be honest it was rather annoying and I thought why doesn't she intervene??
But wonder of wonders, they were on electronics.
They have welfare, but still have money for that apparently.  
She had some kind of Vera Bradley purse herself and was dressed rather nice.
Then she pulled it out.  That food stamp card.  Too bad it wasn't still that fake looking monopoly money they use…