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The Poor Woman's Project Pinterest style!

As the kiddos get older, and I am able to put those 'feminine' touch things back out in the home, I find myself ready to do some projects as well.

I saw a cute wreath on Pinterest with a pool noodle as a base.  I thought, well what the heck, I'm going to do it Poor woman's Dollar Tree style!

I love wreaths on my front door for each season or holiday.  I haven't done it in many years, but finally in this past year I've started again.  Mainly due to my friend Demrah who reignited the spark in me!

So off to the Dollar Tree I went to get my supplies.  [I already had the tape at home.]

And the items I needed? 
Pool noodle, 2 flower bouquets, 1 spool of tulle, 1 spool of ribbon, 1 vine garland.

It was super easy to just use white duct tape, to put the two ends together and makes a nice size wreath!

Then came the ribbon and tulle.  And with the green base wreath, it actually doesn't look too bad since it's an 'earth color'.

Finally, the finished product!  No…