School is in session: For the summer!

I admit it!  I am getting excited about working on academic centered activities with my boys this summer!  I'm looking forward to a somewhat structured day with room for fun!

I have had a blast this year working at JHW elementary and working with a great kindergarten team [not to mention just a great JHW team in general!].  And now I get to do more of the "fun stuff" this summer.  I guess it's true.  What my mom has told me all along:  teaching is in my blood :) 

I've been working on summer lesson plans to keep us busy for 10 weeks and to continue opening up a wonderful world for my sons.  Listed below is what I have so far.  Not complete and always open for suggestions and input :)

Here we go!

Language Arts:
[Aaron]: Letter recognition [which he's pretty well got down], writing all letters, writing his name with out tracing, proper use of a book, proper terminology, beginning phonics

[David]: Easy reader books, vocabulary, writing, sight words, phonics

Each theme/unit will last one week: the human body, animal kingdom, ocean life, weather, bugs, earth science, space, physical science, kitchen science.

Social Studies:
Each week we will do a different country, doing various crafts, information learning and cooking a dish from each country.  The countries are: Mexico, Australia, France, America [put over the 4th of July week], United Kingdom [in honor of my mother and sister :)], China, Italy, Austria, Egypt and Iceland.

[Aaron]: Number recognition to 20.  Patterns, shapes
[David]: Addition, subtraction, patterns, terminology [on top of, under, beside, etc].

10 different themes ranging from learning about an artist and doing art to support that to specific projects:
Learning about colors/shapes to make pictures/Rainbow colors, Van Gogh, Monet, Leonardo Da Vince, Pottery/ceramics, Picasso, Michelangelo,  sculptures, Art using nature, art & craft time for "new teacher 2012-2013 welcome gift."

I don't have much here yet.  But I know for 3 weeks I want to concentrate on classical music and some composers and hopefully find a orchestral show to take them too.  Orchestral instruments, drums/drum circles.

Schedule for the day:

8:30-9:10: Math
9:10-9:30: Centers
9:30-10:00: Language Arts
10:00-10:30: Outside play/snack
10:30-11:00: Science
11:00-11:30: Music
11:30-12:00: Social Studies
12:00-1:00: Centers/Free time & Lunch
1:00-2:30: Naptime for Aaron/Quiet reading rest time for David

2:30-3:30-Outside play time
3:30-4:30: Art

And that's what I have so far!  It's going to be a fun summer!  And thank goodness for Pinterest!  So many good ideas too!



  1. Sounds wonderful! They are going to have a blast (and I know you will, too!). ~Erica G.


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