Cook without measuring!

It's been three months since I've begun changing my eating lifestyle habits once and for all!  The only thing that I have ever found that has worked is the low carb method.  However, it can be too limiting. 
Now I don't really fit into any category other than enjoying life while I still eat deliciously!

The basics of it?  Sugar, wheat, and processed carb free.
And it works!  In three months I've lost about 22 lbs and 1 dress size.  I have more energy [most of the time when the Fibromyalgia doesn't flare up], less stress on joints and I feel full!

So when I changed over, I knew my sweet tooth and my love of sinfully delicious food would not just disappear.  So I began to explore options that could be healthier.  And sometimes not so healthy.  I do use some sugar free items.  But I also love some stevia and monk fruit sweetener as well!

First, I adore bread!    And found that the sprouted grain line of breads did wonderful for me without having the carb impact that normal breads did.

I also began diving into the discovery of spelt, a very ancient grain, oat flour and almond flour.  And I must say, I am excited about the results!

Spelt made a wonderful yeasty roll, similar to the white yeasty wheat rolls.  Though with a dark appearance and robust flavor.  They are best hot out of the oven with melted butter!

I won't spend much time tonight on actual recipes, but I do want to start doing it.  This is more of an overview.

Second, I adore pizza!  And spelt made for a wonderful crust!  You can flavor it however you wish.  Generally I'll add garlic and Italian spices into the dough for that extra quick!
The result?  A cure for my pizza craving!

Next I have sweet tooth craving.  At Easter, I really wanted a pie.  However, regular wheat crust pies filled with processed sugars would KILL my eating lifestyle.

So this is where the sort of healthy, sort of not so healthy chemical part comes in!
I found that oat flour can make a simple and yummy crust!  Using fresh strawberries, a package of sugar free strawberry jello and a bit of monk fruit sweetner, I had my pie! 
Thank you oat flour grain! 

And last for today.  I have a huge love for pancakes and waffles!!  All my flours make for a great replacement! 
This weekend, I happen to use oat flour.  And this is where I had fun and didn't measure! :)

So the recipe looks something like this:

mainly oat flour

some pumpkin puree
almond milk
splash of seltzer water [to help it rise.  You can use baking soda too.]

all spice
monk fruit sweetner
Sugar free syrup
fresh or frozen fruit for topping

Mix and wallah, pumpkin pancakes! 

 So there you have it!  Sometimes you have to measure.  Other times, you don't.  Just have fun, be healthy [or somewhat healthy!] and enjoy the result!


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