How do you pick a leader?

This morning at Palm Sunday Service, I learned something old, that was like learning something new! Yes that can happen. You can hear something a thousand times, yet it may not "click" until one day when...
I will say in today's societal climate, this can true whether we share the same faith or not. At one point in the reading from the Christian Holy Scriptures, a few that were followers of Jesus wanted to resort to violence to silence His [Jesus] protesters. In the blink of an eye, one cut off the ear of a protester.
Jesus told them that it would stop RIGHT NOW! Basically that he'd have none of that, that it wasn't the way to spread his His message essentially.
And then Jesus did something even more amazing. He HEALED this protester. An ear restored. It would be interesting to know more on the story of the protestor, what became of him. But we don't know.
What we do know and what we learned in that instant is that the mark of GREAT and CARING leader is one of leading by example. One that stands up even for those that protest or don't agree. He set a new precedence that all leaders could learn from, even in today' time.
From a supervisor at work, to a teacher, to leaders or future leaders of towns, cities, states, countries, nations, a leader does not invoke nor condone violence to further rifts between them and those that may not like them or protest against them.
A true leader reaches out, attempts to find a common ground, maybe even leaves their peaceful mark on the protestor [in whatever form that would be.]
I would say one thing. If a leader resorts to making people feel less than worthy, allows people to be hurt while standing by, who perhaps hurt people themselves whether with word or deed, then they are not the leader to follow.
Look for the leader [in anything] that reaches out to those others would like to shun or shut up! Look for the leader that would rather get their message across via love and peace than hate and violence.
And above all, especially if we do share the same faith, we should be premium examples of this.
A 2000+ year old lesson, even more relevant today!


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