Toys, toys and more toys.

For the friends that saw, liked and commented on a Facebook post tonight [Sunday], it's easy to see that I get frustrated not only by little ones who love to play but not clean AND trying to figure out what to do with toys in a small area!

I love our house, the one thing I wish we had though is either at least one BIG bedroom for the all the boys things or an additional room [even small] for nothing but a playroom!  

As it goes, we make do with what we have in life right?  Our house is about 600 sq. ft. max.  The boys room is also a computer room.  So with two twin beds [that will be bunked at a later time when they are old enough.  I believe the AAP recommends children being at least 6 years old.], a computer cabinet and small dresser there is really only a space of about one body length to walk.  So not toys in there [at least to play with!]

Where are the toys you ask?  In the the living room of course, much to my dismay!  I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that having a small space, 2 sons, a husband and myself...won't equal a neat and tidy house 99% of the time.  So I relish the evening hours when little ones are fast asleep and I'm not stepping legos or hot wheels cars, and sometimes saying words that are not too pleasant!  

David and Aaron have their fair share of toys but I don't think they are overly burdened with them.  However a few toys can look like Toys R Us in small spaces.

I'm always looking for new ways [cheaply of course] to organize, make things look tidy yet functional and a more Montessori style for the boys.

If YOU have an ideas, please post!  I'm open.  And feel free to share you storage/toy challenges as well!

Here's the boy's room [With Aaron fast asleep].  To the left of the picture which you can't see is the dresser, then the computer desk is in the nook that you can't see as well.  The little carpet area you see is literally all the room left.

And then here are shots of the living room and how we have the main group of toys/items for the boys.


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