Cast Iron Love: Part Duex...Fruit & Veggie art too!

My obsession continues.  With cast iron!  I've finally begun branching out and cooking more and more in them.  And I am blown away by the results.  I've never had such easy clean-up of cookware in my life!  Why didn't I discover this art sooner. 

I made our own deep dish pizza one evening and then meatloaf, potatoes and biscuits the next.  Both were hits.  Especially the meatloaf, and especially by Eric, who said ... "This?  Is Good!  Make it more often!"  A huge compliment! ;)

As I cook with them, I do chuckle to myself and think of historical things I have read or seen and note where they travel, many times on foot, with a few staple items.  One of them being cast iron.  That certainly adds weight to the travel!  What a work out!  

Now if only I had an old wood burning stove ;)  


On another note, in the summer homeschooling realm, we've been learning about fruits and vegetables.  The boys have enjoyed watching time lapse videos on YouTube.  It's amazing to see them shoot up from a seed or small plant to a mature and ripe food.   What takes months, is only seconds or moments in video.  The power of modern media!

One of the projects we did was using fruits and vegetables to paint!  There is nothing like putting the easel outside, pouring the paint and letting the boys get it on the paper, themselves and the fruit.  You can't beat the modern miracle of finger paint today.  It's not like the thick staining paints of the 1970's when I was a child.  It paints beautifully, but washes so easily!

The paint "brushes" were cantaloupe, potatoes, corn on the cob, and apples.  
The results?  Beautiful and energetic art by a 3 and 4 year old!  What can I say?  Life in our small home consists of the four of us, but I love it, I wouldn't change it and I give thanks for it, for my husband and my 2 sons :)



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