Three revolutions around the sun and tipi dwelling!

It leaves me in awe as I stand at the end of the proverbial road of time and look back.  My own 40 years on this planet seem but only months.  In the midst of each year it feels long, but remembering the  years...they are too short.

Aaron's 3rd birthday has come and gone.  3 whole revolutions around the sun!  Looking back, it's but the blink of eye to me.  It truly seems like yesterday evening Eric walked across the hospital room and placed him in my arms.  I took him to my breast and thus began his life of nourishment not only physically but emotionally, spiritually and lovingly!  

To put into words what parents feel for there children is impossible.  There are truly no words this side of heaven to define the love that we feel, we breath, we give, we receive.  I always say it gives me a very small glimpse of what God must think of each one of us.  And if I can have the magnitude of love for my sons, how much MORE does the Lord have for me, for you, for us?  Amazing!

And amazing the journey has been thus far!  Frustrating moments of course.  That's a natural part of life.  But I've loved more, what I've learned from my children.  More often than not I find myself learning in the lessons I'm supposed to be teaching them and that humbles me!  

A huge part of me is sad that Aaron is our last baby.  I can no longer wear him because he is much too big.  But I fondly recall the times where he WAS curled up in my sling or ergo, against the beat of my heart.  Sleeping so contentedly, safe and knowing it!  Much to the dismay and remarks of some I do still nurse him and we are doing child-led weaning.  Though it's only at night now, it's an incredible journey that I am so thankful for.  Another milestone that we reached is that Aaron has officially and on his own just like David, transitioned into his own bed.  It was wonderful fostering that trust and closeness with our sons to have them in our room, along side of us as we all slumbered.  And it was bitter sweet as Aaron decided to sleep alone in his bed the first night.  About two weeks later he, for the most part, sleeps all night and doesn't come to me.

I realize that he's growing up and I must let him.  But I look back and realize just how brief those months and years were that we had him 'all to ourselves.'

We are so thankful for the three years that have come and we pray many more healthy years for our sons! 

TIPI time!  Oh my did the boys have the best time ever doing this!   And it was interesting instilling in them the basic concepts of the lives of the Indigenous people on a 3 and 4 year old level.  It's a great opportunity to begin filling them with compassion and appreciation for culture and diversity and struggles we all face as human beings.  

And yes because I'm a dork, they watch Dr. Quinn Medicine woman with me.  But I realized one evening while watching it, though the show itself is fiction, they have researched and interjected non-fiction information.  So David and Aaron are getting a small glimpse what life was like for those people.  They get to see tipis and the dress of the people, hear some of the songs, see the relics.  

Though our tipi is small in comparison  and definitely  not ornate, it was the love and fun that went into it that made it special.  And even more touching when the boys were excited, grabbed their blankets and said "come on mom, let's go camping!"  

I think we need to do a camping trip sometime because they would so enjoy it!



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