Our own one room school-house

This summer we have our own one room schoolhouse, but this thought....this action has a much deeper meaning.

There's something about history that draws me.  Pictures of ancient days...decades, generations, centuries gone by... black and white, faded...torn...all draw me in.  I wonder about the buildings.  About the people who came and went from those buildings.  

As I was looking at old one room schoolhouse photos online I came across one that was both beautiful and eerily haunting all at once.  An abandoned, almost dilapated schoolhouse.  Not much around it, just emptiness where once there had been life.

And I began to wonder again.  About the teacher or teachers that the schoolhouse had seen.  About the students who had come and gone.  About their lives, what they did, about the marriages they may have had, their own children.  If any of those descendents were living today.  And how those lives touched other lives...the ripple effect.  I wonder who became doctors, teachers, fathers, mothers, spiritual leaders....shepherding and guiding those they touched.  Every human being that has ever lived has somehow touched a life, either for the good for not.

Strange I know, but these are the thoughts I have.  I think much of the draw of history like this to me, is that fact that indeed life is but a vapor.  In the grand scheme of all of history a life span of 40, 50, 60, 70, 80+ years really is not that long to walk upon our planet.

I was then taken to the present in my train of thought, to my own children.  It became acutely clear to me, as it has before, that this is the reason I have my children.  This is the reason I have been gifted with them.  My husband and I are responsible to help our boys discover their path in life.  Help them discover the journey that they will have to embark on.   A journey that will touch many lives.  

And with that thought....a journey that touches many lives....the thought came that this could be positive or negative.  Our hope, our prayer, our direction and guiding as parents rests in the hope that the touching of lives that our children will do will be positive.  That they will make an impact on humanity for the greater good.  With love, with compassion, with mercy.

Yes, this summer, we have our own little 'one room schoolhouse'.  It's exciting and it's even more thrilling to see my sons smile, laugh and discover new things everyday.

And it is my prayer that someday, a century or two or more from now...someone may happen on an old picture of my family and know that somehow, someway this family has touched lives with grace, love, compassion and mercy and left this world a bit better than how we found it. 

The picture of the one room schoolhouse....empty...yet full of life!

And our 'one room schoolhouse'!  My sons, my heart...the future....



  1. what a beautiful post! i always ALWAYS look at old buildings and wonder their story...who they housed...the families that lived there. your little family has touched my life...even if just through the computer :)

  2. Awwww thank you Trisha and your family, as you know, has touched me as well!!


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