Unapologetically me!

Beginning a new journey can often mean taking a hard first step.  We realize we are going to take risks, expose our hearts, our dreams, our hopes, our fears, the things that others may find 'sad' about us or maybe even delightful.

And I begin this journey with a tough first step.  So many thoughts swirl in my mind, yet where do I begin to lay the groundwork.  I've thought about over the last couple of days as I decided to make a public blog.  Where do I begin to set the train in motion?  And then it hit me just moments ago as I talked with my youngest son.  I realize that I do things "differently" than many people around me.  We're all on a journey but we can be on separate paths.  Nothing wrong with that at all!  And there comes a time in each of our journeys that we  hold strong to what we know, what we believe, what we've learned, what we've unlearned and what we are going to learn!  We become unapologetically ourselves.  That is what makes us unique, yet binds us together has human beings.  It is what makes the world go round.

Who am I?

I am Terra Noelle Gouge.  The top three things that I "am"....
A simple follower of Christ, despiser of religion, lover of relationship.
A wife.
A mother.

I am....
a daughter, a niece, a cousin, a sister.
A bleeding heart liberal, believer in justice and fairness.  
An attachment parent at heart, though human nature makes me stumble far more often than I'd like.
An extended nursing mother, believer in nursing as God created me to do.
Hippie at heart, but seemingly stuck in the 'mainstream' trying desparetly to turn around and swim 'up stream'.
Often alone in my ideals.
And ideological person and thinker.
Typically an introvert and gather my energy from solice and prayer.
Sometimes  a mess, sometimes I'm put together.  Some days I can handle life's stresses other days I am at a loss.
a nature lover though I don't take advantage of it near enough.
Wanting to live 'off the grid' and grow/raise our own food.  A dream indeed!

I am....
me, unapologetically me.  
Outspoken, but sometimes reserved.  
Wearing my heart on a sleeve other times keeping everything in until I want to explode.  

I am, who I am.  Some like me, some do not.  Some love me, some loath me.  Such is life and the nature of it.  Over the almost 40 years on my own blue planet I am realizing and accepting that this is fine.  And I will continue this journey sometimes with happiness, sometimes not so much.  Never-the-less it is my journey!


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