Lessons from Bill Nye for my own science guys!

We love Earth Day in our home!  Especially when the boys can get messy. learn something new, and help save the trees!

All week Aaron has been reading me his library book The Lorax.  And we've been watching the old school 1972 cartoon of the book.
They both really get the idea of speaking for nature because "trees have no tongues". 

Our good friends Brooke and Mitch gave the boys a Bill Nye Paper Recycling Factory.  So this past week, we worked on recyling old paper into new!  

 The process is easy, but time consuming.  And you can do so much with it.
During this first run we recycled  a lot of our old tissue paper we've had put up from past gifts.  They were perfect colors, green and white!

From making the pulp, to grinding, to using deckles, to drying, the boys LOVED it!
And we talked about what else we can do next time we make a batch. 
We're going to make biodegradable wildflower paper!
Making up the pulp and adding in a wildflower seed mix during the deckling process.  Then that paper can be gifted and planted and will yield beautiful wild flowers!

Even though we have a kit, you honestly don't need to buy anything special other than some screening to do the process [Google easy paper making!]
Here's to teaching my children to leave a better earth for their descendants!


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