In search of peace, love, & light: Sometimes you just need help!

Do you ever ask yourself, 'Is this normal?' 
'Am I normal?', 'Does anyone or has anyone felt this way?'

Well, that is where I'm at tonight.  Lately I've really had no patience, short tempered, having a tough time de-stressing, blocking out noise, and finding some inner peace. 
What happened to that wanna-be gentle mom?  I'm pretty sure she is lost at sea.  I feel like I'm drowning, working outside of the home, then trying to stay on top of things in the home, getting my CDA to teach preschool...sometimes, I feel like the walls are closing in.
I snap at my children much to easily lately, and frankly, I hate it, and hate myself for it.  And it cuts me to the bone when they know it, notice it, and say "Mom, you can't be mean, you can't yell." 
I think I'm in need of an overhaul, a retreat away to regroup, parenting classes, classes to gain back patience and stop letting the little things aggravate me.
Certainly I look to the future and pray that I've not hurt my kiddo's hearts too much.
Everyday is a new day, this I know.  But admittedly, fresh starts are hard.  But I have to try.
 Knowing, trying, that has to be a first step. 
Here's to first steps!  
Send love, light, peace, and prayers!


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