The mom in the child's drawing...Is that me?

As a parent, have you ever had those moments where you look at your child, or an item of your child's, and had an epiphany...that familiar one that seems to come again and again...."Wow, I am someone's mom!"

It's almost eeriely haunting to me every time it happens.  As if I didn't truly realize it until that moment.  I know I'm mom, but sometimes I truly "know" it. 

How odd it seems to type that because honestly there are no mortal words to describe what I'm trying to convey.   But most parents understand it I'm sure.

Today was one of those days.  As I was pulling out David's drawing projects from his backpack I came across the one in this blog post.  I stared at it a moment as if I had never seen a child's drawing in my whole life.  Almost deciphering what was depicted.  Not because I didn't recognize it, because I did!  Easily it was a parent, child, and a Christmas tree. 

I was deciphering because I kept asking myself, is that really me in that picture?  I asked David, "Hey cutie, tell me about your great picture."

"Oh, that's you and me mom and our tree that we decorated."

Wait!  That's me?  I'm someone's mom?  Wow, I *am* someone's mom!  And then I'm once again blown away by the fact that my son loves me.  That he has wonderful memories already that he colors about!  Partly I'm blown away because of things like I've posted in the past.  Parenting struggles, failures that I felt like my "damage" my child, etc, etc.

But it's moments like this that reaffirm that amid all that I feel I do wrong, I must be doing something right.  Because someone is drawing me in a picture filled with a memory!

That picture is proudly displayed on my refrigerator.  And it's more than just a drawing.  It's a work of art!  Right up there with Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso.... Not because it's worth a million dollars, or stuck in some kind of museum.  Beneath the drawn triangles and circles that form the Christmas tree, and the oblong shapes that form the people, the green and red crayons...lies a work of art from the heart that is worth far more than any earthly treasure!

I AM a mom!  I am their mom! <3


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