Summer homeschool....and we're off!

It's hard to believe that we are coming to the close of the first 2 weeks of summer vacation and more importantly the first two weeks in our summer homeschool journey.  I really wanted to do this for 2 reasons.  To give Aaron an jump start for VPK.  And to keep David in the game over the summer so as to not lose what he has learned [and to hopefully propel and push him a bit to learn above/beyond].

These first weeks have proven to be both fun and frustrating.  The first day was amazing.  Right to the schedule, both boys did everything asked of them with excitement.  No whining, no crying, no fighting amongst each other, even went down for nap times easily.   Cue: day 2.  All started out okay until sentence writing time, David had a little meltdown, Aaron ran amok a bit.  But we worked through it and had another successful day.  The days from there are like your typical school days.  Some days "you've got it" other days not so much. 

One of the biggest challenges have been the age difference.  Though less than 2 years apart [barely 19 months to be exact], it's quite a gap in knowledge and learning functions.  But I must say, I've balanced to where I do one on one time with each, during each segment while the other does whatever task I need of them.  And then we have group activities as well.  In this, I have been surprised.  Surprised at what Aaron truly catches on to and knows and what David is learning and how by leaps and bounds he is just drinking in information.  

I've added in going places a bit more so they CAN get out beyond the front yard, and to learn and to enjoy the summer as well!   We've done bowling, a picnic in the park  and plan on doing lunch at the mall tomorrow. 
I also want to take them to the Police  & Fire Station as we studied our world around us in social studies [our immediate world]: Where we live: house number, street, city, state & country.  And they can begin seeing how it takes many people and professions to make a city run.  They've also had great fun doing some projects on the Human Body in science.  Thanks to my friend Sierra who gave me the idea, we had a week long unit learning about some basic functions and making our own body!  We learned about the brain, heart, lungs, stomach, bones and muscles!

I've also been impressed with how David is really learning subtraction and "getting it".  Math was such a struggle for me and I am praying that both of my boys don't have the same issue.  Reading is a big part of our day.  We read lots of stories, draw pictures about them from what we've learned.  Talk about interesting places and people.  One thing the boys liked was learning a bit about Mexico, coloring the flag and learning about the Aztecs of long ago.  Then they had to draw their own Aztec after viewing some pictures from a story.

 One of the big highlights of our day is the calendar.  David especially is obsessed with dates, days and months.  And Aaron loves sticking the tags in their appropriate spots.  They love the weather section on the calendar too.  If the weather changes through the day David is quick to remind me that we need to change the tag!  And another highlight is making sure that a line leader and door holder is chosen everyday and then they place their 'helping hands butterfly' under the job!

And for some sensory fun just tonight, I found a great recipe for cheap finger paint!  It comes out a bit thick but hey, it's cheap! :)  The boys loved it and they actually painted some wrapping paper they will use for a birthday gift for a party on Saturday.  Before I forget here is the recipe in case YOU want to try it :)1 cup flour
2 tablespoons salt
1 1/2 cups cold water
1 1/2 cups hot water
Food coloring

* Add flour, salt, and cold water to a pan.  Whisk until smooth.
* Add hot water, whisk until smooth.

* Bring to a boil over medium-ish heat, continue to whisk.  When it's thickened remove from heat.
* It will be thick and lumpy so keep whisking until smooth.
* Portion out into bowls and add food coloring to desired color depth.
* Pour into squeeze bottles [like old ketchup bottles].  You may need a funnel as it is thick.
* Product needs refrigerated!
* Use whenever you want to paint :)

 And that has been our excitement so far!  I love that we have a routine that can flexible somewhat when needed to be.  And a routine that the kids need to stay focused. The one big thing I've learned is that David loves homeschooling BUT he has to be given time if the routine is going to change or it throws off his entire day [mainly do to his SPD and other issues].  There are times of course that it  just can't be helped and we must wade through it.  But he deals much better with change if he's given forewarning about it.  And even then he'll ask "why didn't we do science yet?"  or "Why didn't we do social studies yet?"  if we leave for a "field trip".   But it all works out in the end!

Above all, I am just trying to enjoy this time with my boys.  Though some moments, some days are so frustrating.  There are times of great joy and excitement and I realize they won't be small forever and WANT to do this like they do now.  [Or maybe they will I hope!].  I love that they want me to do this with them right now.  It brightens my day.  And I have been so blessed by so many people  that are friends and educators, and from my old job and now my new job at Janie Howard.  They have helped me to develop and get ideas for this summer project and have been so supportive!   Tonight and always, I am blessed and I want to pass on those blessings to my children, because they deserve the best start in life that my husband and I can offer them!


  1. Where did you get the calendar? I would LOVE to do something like that! Great job mama! Very inspiring! I have been doing workbooks with my 6 yr old over the summer, but nothing this elaborate! I wish!

  2. Thanks girl! I got it from a local teacher store. But you can buy them from Amazon. It was $12. Which is what they are on Amazon too.

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