Not looking back!

As I stooped to pick up a load of laundry, I gazed around my house at the utter mess.  Yes, I said it.  Utter mess!  A sink full of dirty dishes, several laundry piles, toys scattered in the bathroom, the living room, the boys room, our room and the kitchen.  A bowel of goldfish sat on the toy shelf, pretty sure the bathroom needs a good scrubbing, beds unmade...and laughter.  The sound of two little boys building towers and houses with legos as they laughed and pretended they were blasting off to the moon to visit Martian Mickey Mouse.

Messes tend to irritate me.  Just ask my husband.  I suddenly become Mr. Hyde and vow to throw away anything in my path!  But today the first thought that popped into my mind without even thinking was ... "I wouldn't trade this for anything.  I can barely remember life before this life, nor do I really want too."

That's right!  Sure life was fun, we had more money before children.  I did a lot more, ran around a lot more but in the end none of it is as important as my life with my husband and my sons.  I don't long for the days of singleness, I don't miss that "freedom".  I have all I need when I see their smiles, hear there laughter and wipe their tears.  

I still of course have my time with husband, have my time with my girlfriends...but honestly today is the kind of day I prefer more than anything.  A lazy day at home with my family!  No where to be, nothing "important" to do.  Just a time to reveal in the warmth and strength of the love of my family.  

There's no need to look back, there's not need to fret about the future.  I have all I need right here!  

A typical day in our life!  If you drop by, this is what you'll find!  A mess!  A beautiful, blessed mess and lots of fun and play!



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