I [still] do...10 years later!

December 2005.
That month he proposed.  I'll never forget it.  I gave him a Christmas gift early that he'd been wanting, an online video game pack.  I jokingly said I wanted one early too.  Then went on about day.
Later that evening he told me to check my stocking.  Yay, an early gift.  Perfume?  Starbucks giftcard?  Nope!  A ring! 

"Let's get married!"  simple, from the heart, and the start of a new chapter among many.  We had been together 2 years already, we had lost a child early to miscarriage.  It was time.

March 27th, 2006
Our wedding.  Small, simple, at a local Women's Club venue.  About 35 people total.  My best friend Michelle, had our wedding cake made as a gift.  We made our own food, buffett/finger food style.  Believe it or not, I purchased my dress online new for $65!  The veil was $15, the tiara was $14! 
The entire wedding was under $600, food, dress, tuxes, venue, decorations, all of it.  I'm all about saving money and enjoying the moment at the same time!

Fast forward 10 years later.  As mentioned in my earlier blog post, we've had quite the journey over the last months and months.  Overcoming many obstacles.  And now to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we are declaring before friends and family, we'd do it all again.

This time around we're doing it in the church.  While I loved my first wedding, and a minister did the ceremony [and it was great], the element of a formal service was missing and left a kind of longing in my heart. 

We'll be having a beautiful Episcopalian Vow Renewal Service, complete with the Eucharist.  A time to revisit our vows and consecrate them after a long and winding road. 
The one thing that hasn't changed though, is my quest to have a beautiful, fun, but inexpensive ceremony and reception. 

And the good news this time around since we're already married, is that I don't really have to worry about "tradition" and people knowing details, or seeing some things from the coming ceremony!

Our theme is Hawaiian Luau.  Colorful flowers for the bouquets and veil headpiece, reminiscent of the islands!   The reception is Hawaiian inspired and the menu is going to be ham & pineapple, ginger meatballs, savory rice, and a tropical salad.
There will also be an appetizer time while we do pictures before the buffet style dinner, and of course cake!!
Appetizers will range from shrimp cocktail to a tropical salsa served with tortilla chips. 

Luau decorations are pretty easy AND cheap to come buy.  I've gotten about 90% of them already for under $40! 

I did purchase my gown from David's Bridal [probably the biggest purchase].  And I've made my veil [see pictures] and the maid of honor [my best friend], and the flower girl's bouquets. 

The veil cost under $20 to make and is cathedral length.  The bouquets cost under $10 total! 
So I'm off to a good start! 
April 2nd is the date of the event.  It will be a busy day but I am so looking forward to the event and sharing it with family and friends who mean the world to me!  


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